Uzhanskyi National Park

The picturesque upper part of the river Uh, in Transcarpathia. Here near the border with Poland and Slovakia, stretches Uzhansky National Natural Park. Established in 1999 on the base of the regional park “Stuzhytsya”, Uzhanskyi National Park is an integral part of the world's first trilateral Ukrainian-Polish-Slovak Biosphere Reserve “Eastern Carpathians” which are included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO. Area of the park is 39 159.3 hectares, of which 14 904.6 are granted to it for permanent use. The park is a member of the European Federation of protected areas “Europark”.

In the park grows about 900 species of higher vascular plants, 300 lichens, 143 mosses, 58 fungi types and 164 species of algae. In Red List of Zakarpattya are recorded 31 species of vascular plants. 52 species of higher plants, 5 species of algae and 21 species of lichens are included in the Red Book of Ukraine, the four - International Red List. In the territory of park are found 519 species, of which 65 are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, 27 species are listed in the European Red List.

In July 2007, 6.1 thousand Ha (including 2.5 thousand Ha - warren core) of beech forests were included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage “Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians”.

Uzhanskyi National Park has a strong recreational and tourist potential which is used throughout the year. On its territory there are many interesting natural objects. Recently actively is developing rural tourism, taking steps to open cross-border pedestrian crossings with Poland and Slovakia, restored 17 long hiking trails created 7 ecological paths, organized a number of new ones.

What to see

Place of a meteorite fall
Giant trees
Wooden sacral architecture monuments
Pass Uzhotskyy

How to get

The route from Lviv

Uzhanskyi National Park

7 Independence Str.
Velykiy Bereznyy
Transcarpathian Reg.

Where to stay

  • «Ski resort Krasia»

    Resort is located in a picturesque area in the middle of the mountains Krasiya, landing near the cableropeway point No1. Rest will satisfy the most demanding requirements of the guests, and the kitchen will surprise the taste and quality of fine European and Transcarpathian dishes even gourmet.

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  • «Tscherbin»

    The manor “Tscherbin” is located in the National Park, near the villages Uzhok and Volosyanka, along with beech forest. Distance from Uzhgorod - 80 km., from the train station - 200 m. The mistress of the estate prepares delicious homemade dishes from natural products.

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  • «Uzhansky kupeli»

    Health center “Uzhansky kupeli” is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains in the village Uzhok, Velykobereznyansky district, Transcarpathian region. Delicious home cooking, large portions at a reasonable price, nice atmosphere and relax.

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  • «Liskovets»

    Private estate “Liskovets” is a picturesque place in the Carpathian Mountains for families, located in the valley of the mountain river Uh, 35 km from Uzhgorod, near the village of Malyi Bereznyj.

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  • «In Uncle Vanya»

    Manor “In Uncle Vanya” - it is a pleasant holiday in a comfortable and well-equipped house, located in the foot of Krasiya (1036m).

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  • «Stuzhytsya»

    Facility is located in the village Stuzhytsya of Velykobereznyansky District in the territory of Novostuzhytskiy environmental research department Uzhanskyi National Park, among beech forests.

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Interesting facts


Ecological and educational work in the territory of Uzhanskyi National Park is subject to the Regulation ”On environmental and educational activities sanctuaries and national parks Ukraine” by:

- Formation on the base of Uzhanskyi National Park Centres training in environmental education and educational work;
- Conducting advocacy;
- Cooperation with various institutions, organizations environmental perspective, including educational institutions;
- Cooperation with civil society, national and international environmental and educational organizations;
- Creation of Natural History Museum exhibition;
- Organization of massive ecological and educational activities etc.

Uzhanskyi National Park is working on environmental education, recreation, eco-tourism in certain thematic routes and ecological paths, provides educational work in schools within its territory.

Increased environmental culture level, environmental awareness, health establishments of tourists is carried out through the media, print edition of printed products and didactic material.

Recreational activities are aimed at creating conditions for tourism development. For a number of equipped vacation spots developed 17 environmental and cognitive routes, increased provision of recreational services. Environmental actions are regularly held with students of local schools, takes part in environmental exhibitions.


Useful contacts

  • Uzhanskyi Park

  • Ethnographers

    Anatoliy Pryimych

    (095) 8085866

    Anna Kozak

    (098) 0125656

  • Hospital

    Velykobereznyanska Central District hospital
    71 Shtefanyka Str.
    Velykiy Bereznyy
    Transcarpathian Reg.

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  • Police

    Velykobereznyanskiy department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region
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