National Park «Synevyr»

The establishment of the national park “Synevyr” is connected to the unique in its beautiful mountain lakes of the title tune Synevyr. To preserve this natural creation in 1974 was organized landscape reserve of national importance “Synevir lake”, and in 1989 was created national park “Synevyr” which took custody of a number of other natural objects of Tereblyansk upper valley of intermountain district of Transcarpathian region.

The unique nature of the Carpathian Mountains lies in its uniqueness and aesthetic values of a number of objects, including lakes Synevyr and Ozirtse, wetlands Gluhania and Zamshatka, mountains Strymba and Nehrovets. Also there are picturesque landscapes, babbling streams, wild waterfalls, evergreen forests - everything like magnetic power attracts travelers not only from Ukraine but also from around the world.

Area Park “Synevyr” is 43 hectares. In the park there are 53 plant species and 43 animal species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. A particular challenge for the Park “Synevyr” as protected structures was the preservation of natural, historical and cultural complexes and objects and to create conditions for organized tourism, recreation and other outdoor activities in vivo of adherence of natural systems.

What to see

Synevyr Lake
Wild lake
Rehabilitation Center for brown bears
Visitor Centre of "Synevyr"
Museum “Old Village”
Tourist route “Arpad line”

How to get

The route from Lviv


Synevyr Village
Mizhiria District
Transcarpathian Region

Where to stay

  • «Ostriky»

    Motel “Ostriky” is located at the offices of the national park “Synevyr” and the main road of Hust - Synevyrske lake.

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  • «Agio»

    Recreation Complex “Agio” is located in the village Kolochava intermountain area with high level of service and all the conditions necessary for winter and summer holidays.

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  • «Synevyrske Lake»

    Manor “Synevyrske Lake” is the quiet place for an inexpensive family vacation in the environmentally clean Carpathian Mountains.

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  • «Kamjanka»

    Recreation facility “Kamjanka” is located in the village Mizhhirya on the territory of the national park “Synevyr” with scenic views of the Carpathian Mountains.

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  • «Pylypec»

    Grand Hotel “Pylypec” and restaurant complex is located on the outskirts of the mountainous village in Pylypec Mizhhirya area, which is known as a resort in the Carpathian Mountains with infrastructure for walking, cycling and mountain tourism.

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  • «Zhiva voda»

    Hotel complex “Zhiva voda” offers a rest in the village Mizhhirya with a recovery by mineral water “Soimy” and a professional pool.

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Interesting facts


Environmental education – is one of the priorities of Natural Park “Synevir”, which aims meaningful impact on the attitudes, behaviors, and activities of the population towards environmental awareness and involvement of local people to preserve the natural heritage.

Park ”Synevyr” provides diversified activities towards public awareness. Special attention is paid to work with young people.
On the base of Visitor Centre of national park “Synevyr” seminars on environmental ethics for students of all schools in the region are held.

Traditional in Park “Synevyr” became the actions “Christmas tree”, “Snowdrop”, “Clean River” and those that are dedicated to specific ecological dates: “International Day of Wetlands”, “World Day of forests”, “World Water Day”, “The day of meetings birds”, “Environment Day”, “Earth Day”, “International Day of climate”, “World Environment Day”, “Day of the natural reserves”, “World animal day”, and so on.

Park “Synevyr” takes part in various festivals: “Seeing the mountain”, “On Synevyr trembity call”, “Carpathians meet”, where are presented the exhibitions about nature conservation agency.

The regional ecological and educational newspaper “Blue Vyr” is published.


Useful contacts

  • Synevyr

    Mykola Derbak

    (03146) 27740

    (03146) 27612

  • Ethnographers

    Mariya Skyra

    (097) 1773204

    Yuriy Babichun

    (097) 8045841

  • Hospital

    Outpatient clinic of general practice of family medicine in Synevyr village

    (03146) 27671

  • Police