Regional Landscape Park «Nadsyansky»

Regional Landscape Park “Nadsyansky” is one of the corners of conservation of lowland flora of the Carpathians and the Carpathian Syan River. Park “Nadsyansky” is of international importance, because Ukraine is on the border with Poland and borders with two Polish parks: Park Bieszczady Narodoviy and regional landscape park “Syan River Valley”. RLP “Nadsyansky” is a part of the International Biosphere Reserve “Eastern Carpathians”.

The park covers two completely different parts: in the remote and inaccessible valley of Syan river there are virtually no human settlements, while the other, densely populated valley is characterized by rich cultural hertiage and saved traditional forms of land use.

Population of RLP “Nadsyansky” has 9 000 inhabitants in 8 villages in the territory of which are located numerous monuments of cultural and historical heritage. Forests and forest-covered lands occupy 51.6% of agricultural land - 42.9% of the park. Five natural systems, in which are conventionally protected indigenous beech, fir-beech and alder stands green and are included in the core protected biosphere reserve in RLP “Nadsyansky”.

At the RLP “Nadsyansky” there is very favorable climate for rest and for research. Here beautiful mountain landscapes are in harmony with peculiar architecture of Lemkies and Boykies.

What to see

Stow “Buchok”
Bojkies architectural monuments

How to get

The route from Lviv

Regional Landscape Park «Nadsyansky»

1 Lisova Str.
Turka Distr.
Lviv Reg.

Where to stay

  • «TAOR-Carpathia»

    Hotel recreation complex “TAOR-Carpathia" is nestled in the lap of Ukrainian Carpathians, where clean mountain air supplement mineral springs spa resort Skhidnytsia. Offers recreation and relaxation for every taste and fancy, romantic, friendly, medical, business, corporate and family.

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  • «Boykivchanka»

    Tourist center “Boykivchanka” is located on the border of villages Rozluch and Yasenytsya-Zamkova, 50 m from the road, 100 meters from the ski lifts. Has convenient access - paved road. Are offered tours, hiking, picking berries and mushrooms, nearby is a source of mineral water “Rozlutska soda”.

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  • «Sobin»

    Tourist Hotel Complex “Sobin” is located in Rozluch among upper Dnister Beskydy, 120 km from the city and 12 km from the center of ethnic Boikivshchyna - Turka, at an altitude of 590 meters above sea level.

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  • «Lily»

    Holiday “Lily” is a nice comfortable rest in the village Kryvko of Turka district known by wooden church of St. Nicholas of 1761, which gave rise to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life.

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  • «Yana»

    Manor “Yana” offers a rest in the village Upper Vysotsky, at an altitude of 632 m above sea level. p. m., 30 km from the Turks, near the manor river Stry flows.

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Interesting facts


In towns were installed bilingual information tables. Were published brochure of Regional Landscape Park “Nadsyansky” in Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak and Polish. Were marked tourist route “From the origins to the origins of Dniester to the origins of Syan”. The staff of the park issued booklets “Regional Landscape Park “Nadsyansky” and “Environmental and natural history trail “Following nonexistent villages (Dydova)”, which starts in the village Boberka.

The said trail was marked, and it was placed 6 information stands. Scientists of the Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians NAS of Ukraine and the State Natural History Museum of Ukraine processed map schemes of allocation of rare and endangered species of vascular plants, vertebrates and insects.

Came publication brochures “Rare species of plants and animals Regional Park “Nadsyansky” and eco-regional trail “From the source of the river Dniester to the source of river Syan”, along which it was installed 11 information tables. Additionally, the school in the park received information boards about nature and historical and cultural heritage of Nadsyannya that have been developed by the Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians NAS of Ukraine.

With the aim to implement the principles of environmental education administration of the Park began to conduct creative competitions for school children about the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Nadsyannya.


Useful contacts

  • RLP «Nadsyansky»

    Myroslav Senkiv

    (03269) 34011

  • Ethnographers

    Petro Zborovskyy

    (095) 15 02 338

    Stepan Myhajlyk

    (098) 87 333 96

    Yaroslav Tyryk

    (096) 46 57 524

  • Medical clinic

    Medical clinic in Upper Yablunka

    (03269) 38745

  • Police Department

    In Upper Yablunka

    (03269) 38745

    In Lower Yablunka

    (03269) 39719

    In Syanky

    (03269) 33667

    Frontier in Boberka

    (03269) 38522

    Frontier in Syanky

    (03269) 41245