Natural Reserve «Gorgany»

Natural Reserve “Gorgany” (Gorgany) – is a natural pattern untouched by human activity in central Ukrainian Carpathians. Contains the only in Europe and in the world array of European virgin pine.

Reserve history dates back 1935, when the Metropolitan Sheptytsky founded the first Cedar Reserve “Gorhany”. September 12, 1996 by the Decree of President of Ukraine the nature reserve “Gorhany”, which consisted of landscape reserves of national importance “Giurgiu” and “Sadko” tracts “Chernik”, “Gnilyak”, “Novobudova”, “Elmy”, “Dovzhynets”, “Stoly”.

In Gorgany most clearly manifested influence of Wiirm last ice age. This has left a mark on the morphological structure of the landscape and character of vegetation cover of nearly all altitudinal bands. In the highlands traces of glaciation centers of Arctic Alpine flora, and in the reserve forest area is protected only in Europe and the world an array of European virgin pine.

Due to the great vulnerability of rare species of flora and fauna tours in the reserve are prohibited. It is possible to explore protected objects of the reserve only for scientific purposes and with the permission of Reserve management accompanied by senior officials.

What to see

Excursion routes & Eco-Educational paths
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How to get

The route from Lviv


7 Komarova Str.
Ivano-Frankivsk Reg.

Where to stay

  • «Gorgany»

    Gorgany Mountain Resort offers a comfortable stay with a wide range of rooms with views to Ukraine's highest mountain Goverla, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, outdoor restaurant with national cuisine, dancing at the disco, trips and recreation.

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  • «Zatishok»

    Manor “Zatishok” is a nice family vacation in the picturesque Carpathian village of Cernyk among untouched nature of Gorhany.

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  • «Nebokray»

    Recreation Complex “Nebokray” is located on one of the higher points of Yaremche, near the forest, with a magnificent view of the city and surrounding area.

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  • «Yaremche»

    The sanatorium “Yaremche” is one of the health centers of Yaremche resort that blends with ancient Hutsul architecture. The resort hosted the cell with curative mineral water “Mirgorodska” and “Svaliava”.

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  • «Gates of the Carpathians»

    Entertainment complex “Gates of the Carpathians” with two-story restaurant with 3 rooms with signature dishes in the Ukrainian village Delyatyn.

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  • «Wellland»

    Hotel "Wellland" is an oasis of stylish vacation in Yaremche, which offers a peaceful retreat from the urban vanity.

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Interesting facts


Natural Reserve “Gorgany” implements environmental and educational programs aimed at developing communication with local communities, forming an active role in the community and understanding of the purpose of the reserve and its functions.
Reserve is eco-educational center, which conducts an active educational work among young people and the local population. Environmental advocacy - is holding discussions, lectures, tours, events, competitions, cooperation with the media, creating videos, publishing and distribution of brochures and leaflets, cooperation with schools district staff and students.

At the reserve there is a museum of cedar and natural club “cedar”, which brought together writers, librarians, artists and naturalists and regularly conducts actions – “March of Parks”, “Commemorative Trees”, planting trees in city park, literary contests, competitions of ecopaintings among children. Students of Nadvirnyanska high school No4 held in reserve summer training practice living in the forest for a week, working on research areas and relax in the mountains.

Within the reserve there is laid thematic path “Polyenskyy slope” with the length of 5 km and 20 observation points, which shows alpine landscapes, cedar, fir, spruce forests and thickets of mountain pine. The trail starts at after-forest Klyvky Berezovatski bows from which spectacular views of the tract Chernik open (top Goat Gorgan and Polyenskyy) and central Gorgany ranges - Syvulya (1818m), Vysoka (1805 m). On some points of the trail you can see the top (left to right): Steryshora (1723 m), Ruska (1650 m), Bratkivska (1792 m), Hropa (1763 m) and the Durnya (1709 m) and even Goverla (2061 m). In the forests you can come across traces of red deer, roe deer, wild boar, bear rare brown, rice. You can find hare, fox, squirrel and see birds: yellow black, three-toed woodpecker, crossbill spruce, spotted nutcracker, wood grouse (hotur), rock thrush, tree pipit.

At the reserve there is eco-Christian school.


Useful contacts

  • Gorgany

    Vasyl Kislyak

    (03475) 20 483

    (03475) 20 482

  • Ethnographers

    For more information please contact the administration
  • District hospital

    12 Hrushevskogo Str.

    (03475) 2 24 38

  • Police

    Nadvornyanskiy District Police
    Department of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk

    (03475) 2 24 02