Carpathian National Park

Carpathian National Park - the first and one of the largest in Ukraine parks, inherited its name from the Carpathian mountain region. In the present boundaries Carpathian National Park includes 12 parks forestry, land fund of the peasants and land settlement and village councils of Jaremcha, Mikulichin, Kremintsi, Vorohta, Yablunytsya. The total area of the park - 50.3 thousand Ha. This is the first in Ukraine Park, which was established in 1980 in the geographical center of Hutsul - Charnogora and Gorgany.

This region is proud of its historical and cultural heritage, on its territory under state guard are many historical and cultural monuments. There are also archaeological sites that have age of 15 thousand years, and monuments of wooden folk architecture of XVI-XIX centuries, refined and modern building of recreational facilities, which echoes the style of building traditions of Hutsul architecture. In Hutsulia are developed various kinds of crafts, carving, pottery, Easter egg painting. The peculiarity of the life and customs of ancient Hutsul, especially their language, clothing, rich song culture attracted the attention of tourists.

A special gift of nature National Park – is a source of mineral water of two types: chloride-bicarbonate-sodium and sodium-bicarbonate slabkomineralizovanoyulow mineralized with a high content of organic matter. These objects are closely related to recreational and medicinal, recreational and tourist activities of National Park.

In the park 48 tourist routes were created, a network of fixed points recreation, environmental and arranged thematic routes, well-developed infrastructure of rural green tourism, it has a number of fixed recreation facilities (health centers, health centers, camps, etc.).

What to see

Nesamovyte Lake
Maricheika Lake
Curve lake (Kryve lake)
Ecological routes
Mountain trails
Water trails
Museum in Yaremche
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Flora and Fauna

How to get

The route from Lviv

Carpathian National Park

6 V. Stusa Str.
Ivano-Frankivsk Reg.

Where to stay

  • «Bear Mountain»

    Family Health Resort “Bear Mountain” is located in the tourist center of the Carpathians, in the picturesque town of Yaremche, near the ski resort “Bukovel”. Within walking distance of the hotel views of the waterfall and folk crafts market open.

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  • «Vorokhta»

    The tourist complex “Vorokhta” is located in a picturesque location Carpathian Mountains - settlement Vorohta in the top of the Prut River at an altitude of 850m above sea level, 10 km from Mount Goverla, and 18 km from the ski resort “Bukovel”.

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  • «Tenner»

    Hotel “Tenner” is located in the heart of the Carpathians, on the banks of the Prut River, in a quiet scenic spot among age Carpathian fir near Mount Hoverla.

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  • «Gerdan»

    Hotel “Gerdan” with true Hutsul name Gerdan is located in picturesque historical rich Carpathian village Mikulichin.

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  • «Lavanda Country Club»

    The complex “Lavanda Country Club” is located in the village of Tatar, 8 km from Bukovel ski resort, with stunning mountain river, waterfall and endless mountains.

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  • «Koruna»

    The resort hotel “Koruna” is one of the interesting Carpathian hotels and resorts in the Tartar, has a lot of advantages: a unique location (750 m above sea level), proximity to ski lifts, panoramic view, extremely delicious and healthy cuisine, medical and sporting facilities.

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Interesting facts


Realizing environmental character of Spring actions, employees of Carpathian National Park are trying to do everything possible to park landscapes amused eye and amused soul, our descendants to enjoy the unique beauty and uniqueness of his native land.

In wakeup spring in Yaremche area has become a tradition to join the All-Ukrainian campaign “For a clean environment”. In the third Saturday of April is celebrated the Day of Environment, which is the culmination of many events (Water Day, Earth Day, etc.) designed for positive environmental change. Their aim is to engage the community to improve environmental image of Yaremche region and Ivano-Frankivsk region. In the Carpathian National Nature Reserve was pre-planned series of measures of improvement, improving the sanitary environment and landscaping. So within these environmental actions park staff conducted planting forest crops and ornamental trees, renovation improvements, clean water sources and spread ecological knowledge. In addition, it is also a good excuse to get together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter environment for ourselves and future generations or just make our area more beautiful and attractive.

In all settlements of the area there are combined work place where public service employees with state of the park joint efforts perform a significant amount of work to implement measures to eliminate unauthorized dumps, cleaning and bringing in proper sanitary condition of adjoining areas, streets, roads, and provide clean debris from adjacent residential areas territories.


Useful contacts

  • Carpathian Park

    Anton Yavorskyy

    (03434) 21157

    (03434) 22259

    (03434) 21159

  • Ethnographers

    Yuriy Holobin

    (067) 7240348

    Andriy Hrytsak

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  • Rescue points

    Yaremcha mountain search and rescue squad rescue point

    (067) 8372819

    (097) 4058069

    Ivano-Frankivsk mountain search and rescue squad

    (03422) 22165

  • Dep. of emergencies

    Duty of the Department of emergencies Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration

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