Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

If you love nature, recreation and tourism, interested in the processes that occur in the environment, the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (CBR) is for you. As the main tourist sights of it act unique natural features, breathtaking landscapes and the unique atmosphere of the land.

CBR was established in 1968 and since 1992 is part of the Network of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO. The subject of activity is the protection of natural systems, organization and research and monitoring, environmental education of population and development of ecotourism. It covers all climatic zones of the Carpathians - from the plains to the alpine zone at an altitude of 180-2061 meters above sea level and adequately represents the landscape and bio-diversity of Ukrainian Carpathians.

At the CBR are pristine forest and alpine meadow ecosystem. Within the reserve is Hoverla mountain (where convergent boundaries of Reserve and Carpathian National Park) and other highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians (Petros, Brebeneskul, Ribs, Gutin-Tomnatyk, Pop Ivan Marmarosky, Blyznytsi, etc.), the geographical center of Europe, the largest in Europe areas of beech and beech-spruce-fir primeval forests, Narcissus Valley, the largest karst caves of Ukrainian Carpathians. There are growing Edelweiss and “Red Ruta”, large populations of Carpathian brown bears, lynx, forest cat, golden eagle and many other rare and endangered species are protected.

What to see

Karst bridge
Milky Stone Cave
Reserved stow Kuziy
Narcissus Valley
The geographical center of Europe
Trout farm
Mountain Terentyn
Uholsko-Shyrokoluzhansky array of CBR
Waterfall “Trufanets”
Museum of Mountain Ecology
Strukivska church

How to get

The route from Lviv

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

77 Krasne Pleso Str.
Transcarpathian Reg.

Where to stay

  • «Rakhiv Play»

    Private estate “Rakhiv is located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level and 500 meters above the city center Rakhiv with a wonderful view on some of the highest peaks of the Carpathians – Goverla, Brebenskul, Pip Ivan, Black Mountain. 2 km from the house is a source of mineral water “Burkut”.

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  • «Olenka»

    Hotel “Olenka” is located in the city around of beautiful sites, wonderful, unique beauty of spruce area of a mountain valley in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, where merge rivers White and Black Tisa and beauty Tisa originates.

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  • «At Eric»

    Private estate “At Eric” is located in the village Solochyn of Slaljava area where they are specializing in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, liver and biliary tract, kidneys and endocrine system.

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  • «Yablunytsya»

    Mountain Resort is located at the Yablunytsya pass at an altitude of 1060 m above sea level, in the village Yablunytsya. It can be seen everywhere - a beautiful new building on a hillside near the forest.

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  • «Kvasivska Trembita»

    The manor "Kvasivska Trembita” is located in the center of the village Kvasy of Rakhiv district, which is known for its healing mineral water.

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  • «Khata Magnata»

    One of the most secluded and comfortable hotels of Dragobrat valley that converts summer and winter holidays in this tale.

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Interesting facts


Great attention is paid to the case of environmental education and awareness of the population. Environmental actions, events, continued involvement in the life of local communities provide a positive image of the reserve.

The organization publishes the journal “Green Carpathians”, own newspaper “Herald CBR”. Systematically is expanding network of information centers. The most picturesque corners of the Reserve equipped 18 ecotourism trails, 36 km of Transcarpathian tourist path.

Recreation and tourism infrastructure is improving every year by creating new permanent recreation areas, shelters and ecooffices. The most significant infrastructural facilities for ecotourists – is Tourist Information Center “Carpathian mountains” - created in 2011 at the foot of Hoverla. For the first time in high Chornogory travelers can get shelter for the night, various information, communication services.

Active outreach activities is conducted by environmental and educational center “Centre of Europe” and the Museum of Ecology of Mountain and Environmental Sciences History in Ukrainian Carpathians with aqua terrarium complex collection of live and active mining model watercourse.


Useful contacts

  • CBR

    Dmytro Brehlichuk
    (executive director)

    (03132) 22 193

    (03132) 22 914

    (03132) 22 632

  • Ethnographers

    Mykola Voloshchuk
    (employee of CBR, scientist, interested in the history of the area)

    (093) 39 108 30

    Petro Popovych

    (067) 99 57 356

    Denus Kuhar

    (093) 57 56 404

  • Health centers

    Rakhiv District hospital
    1 Karpatska Str.

    (03132) 21235

    Tyachiv District hospital
    46 Zhovtneva Str.

    (03134) 32203

    Hust District hospital
    113 I. Franka Str.

    (03142) 55245

  • Rescue services

    Rakhiv District Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region
    3 Shevchenko Str.


    (03132) 25202

    Rakhiv mountain search and rescue department Rakhiv mountain search and rescue department
    126 Shevchenko Str.

    (03132) 21013

    Tyachiv Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region
    1 Zhovtneva Str.

    (03134) 33590