The microproject “By traces of Ukrainian Carpathians. Promotion of tourism product” has been implemented within the frames of “Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland - Belarus - Ukraine 2007-2013“ under the patronage of the European Union.

The micro-project is the part of umbrella project “Cross-border cooperation for health tourism of Polish-Ukrainian borderland” which consists of 12 Ukrainian-Polish micro-projects.

The core objective of the micro-project is to increase the natural and cultural potential of cross-border area of the Ukrainian Carpathians through the protection of cultural heritage, development of tourist information system and providing free access to it.

The following has been implemented within the frames of the micro-project:

  1. Information and research expeditions across the objects of nature preservation fund and adjacent areas in the Carpathian region (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions).
  2. The development of web-site «Pearls of Ukrainian Carpathians» regarding the major objects of nature preservation fund of national importance in the Ukrainian Carpathians.
  3. The publication of booklets on 10 objects of nature preservation fund in the Ukrainian Carpathians in the Ukrainian and Polish languages. The edition of 10 000 copies of A3 format in each language, totally 20 000 copies.
  4. The organizing of the Wild Carpathians Festival in Bieszczady, commune Lutowiska, which aimed at understanding of cultural and historical unity of the Polish and the Ukrainian peoples. Within the frames of the Wild Carpathians Festival, there were held Ukrainian and Polish bands performances, the workshops on nature photography, the field workshops in Bieszczady, the exhibition of nature photography “The nature of the Carpathians”, the performances of films on nature, wildlife, and green tourism.

Project team: